OOPS! Vista Files Backup / Restore

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Subject: OOPS! Vista Files Backup / Restore
Posted by:  NC Beach Bum
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010

On April 15th a desperate friend asked for my help with his Vista PC due to
what I thought was a password issue.  I tried and failed so he filed a tax
extension.  He could not logon to his PC and all of his tax informartion is
on the PC.  Of course there is no backup.  The PC is not a domain member.
He is not able to get access to his User account files.  I created a new
account on the system and was not sucessfull in my effort to access hi user
files. I tried Orphcrack but that did not provide the account password.    He
does not have a backup and he must get to his tax files ASAP.  What
suggestions do you have on how to backup his user files to a USB memory stick
so we can format, reinstall, and put his user files back onto the PC?

NC Beach Bum