strange variant of rundll32

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Subject: strange variant of rundll32
Posted by:  asf66
Date: Thu, 6 May 2010

Dear All,

When booting my laptop (T-60 Win XP SP3) after having some malware woe, I
would get an error message stating that "rundll32hspyrmqb.exe" cannot be
loaded and that the specified module cannot be found. If I hit OK, the
message box closes and I'm able to use my laptop.

Using the System Configuration Utility, I uncheck the box in the start-up
tab with the word: rundll32hspyrmqb next to it. Now when I boot up my
machine, I don’t get the error message.

I googled the file name, but didn’t get any hits. I also submitted it to
Norton with no results. Additionally, I did a search on all the rundll and
all the exe files in my system and it did not show in the search results.

Would it be correct to think that the adware attached itself to or created a
dll file to run, but I deleted the actual malware and when the pc started to
boot, it tried to run the link, but there is no process attached to it?
Perhaps the file named in the System Config. Utility is only a name or
partially removed virus.

Can I get rid of this?

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.