Folder Access Permission

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Subject: Folder Access Permission
Posted by:  Somchai
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010

I am having a problem which driving me mad.  On the AD I created some groups,
i.e., Sales, Marketing, etc. which I put the user in to.  In one group I only
have two users, user 1 and user 2.  Now this group needs to have access to
one more folder and I changed the permission for this group in the folder to
full access and also applied it to the child objects.  My problem is that
user 2 can access the folder with no problem, however, user 2 always get the
error Access denied. I even tried to add the single user with access denied
as a single user, deleted the group, but still this user has access denied.
I have no idea anymore where the problem is.  Any help would be highly
appreciated.  BTW it is a Win 2003 Fileserver and der Workstations are WinXP