Testing "Fail Over"

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Subject: Testing "Fail Over"
Posted by:  Leila (Leil…@hotpop.com)
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006

I setup the clustering test environment by the following specifications:

OS: Windows 2003 SP1 for both nodes
Hardware: Not in HCL
Storage: DAS, consisting of two SCSI disks, no RAID, one disk for Quorum,
the other for user data
Network: Public network connection via HUB, private network via cross link
SQL Server: Not installed yet

Public IP in Node 1:
Private IP in Node 1:

Public IP in Node 2:
Private IP in Node 2:

Cluster IP:

The installation was successful. I tried three tests:
1) Resetting the Node 1 (and vice versa): The resources fail over Node 2
without any problem
2) Unplugging the SCSI cable of Node 1 from DAS: The resources fail over
Node 2 without any problem
3) Unplugging the network cable of public network from Node 1: This test
DOESN'T produce the same result as two previous tests. Sometimes it causes
the cluster service on Node 1 to stop and resources are not failed over Node
2. I check the event logs, there are few red entries about DTC indicating
that this service could not be started, but I'm not sure whether these
entries are related to my test.

Why test number 3 is not working? What options should I check?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.