Is Alive = Failing over

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Subject: Is Alive = Failing over
Posted by:  Tim (
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2006

This is what is happening:
Cluster service is running "Is Alive" check every 1 minute on SQL server
I validate this by profiling the SQL server and see that "select
@@servername" command being executed by cluster service every minute
There are times when the server is stressed, thus connections I believe are
gettiing refused/delayed, some are these connections might be the "Is Alive"
Thus, the cluster service thinks there is something wrong with SQL and
either restarts or failovers SQL

Is there a threshold setting that can be set like, after 10 "Is Alive"
failed checks within 1 hour then failover or restart?  Or what other options
do I have.  We are in the process the trying to performance tune the server
but this might takes weeks to complete.  In the mean time this effects our
production cluster.