Server availability in an Active Passive Cluster

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Subject: Server availability in an Active Passive Cluster
Posted by:  pavman…
Date: 12 Jul 2006

First of all, thank all of you all for all your hard work that give us
folks light and guidance in what seems like a real dark room sometimes.

I have a single SQL server that I am looking to put into an
Active/Passive cluster. Unfortuantly, I have a truckload of
applications out there who are referencing the first sql computer name.
In my other Active/Passive clusters (Fileserver and Exchange), not only
does the virtual server respond, but the active server responds
directly as well.

My question is: When I cluster the two machines, for the various
applications that still reference the first SQL computer name (until I
get them pointed to the virtual cluster name), will that server still
respond to server requests ? Or will only the virtual server respond ?

Thanks guys,