SQL Cluster Remove

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Subject: SQL Cluster Remove
Posted by:  Alex (al…@rogers.com)
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006


I need to remove SQL 2000 from an old Windows 2003 (No SP) Active/ Passive
cluster system which has not been used in long time and install SQL 2005
Before removing SQL 2000, I tried to bring SQL Server resource online but it
failed with following errors in application event log:

[sqsrvres] OnlineThread: Error 422 bringing resource online.
[sqsrvres] OnlineThread: ResUtilsStartResourceService failed (status 422)
[sqsrvres] StartResourceService: StartService (MSSQLSERVER) failed.  Error:

Screenshot of Cluster administrator is attached.

Is there a way to safely bring SQL 2000 cluster resource online and then
remove it all together or just remove SQL 2000 from both nodes?