Fullt Text Search fails in a 2 node cluster

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Subject: Fullt Text Search fails in a 2 node cluster
Posted by:  SweGuy (SweG…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006


I have a problem with Full Text Search in a clustered enviroment.
The Resource Fullt Text Search will not come online, it fails and giving me
a error in the log that says
"An Error occurred during the online operation for instance <SQL Server
Fulltext (UTB2)>: 80070002 - the system cannot find the file specified."

I´ve tried to reinstall Full Text by reading the KB 827449, but when i get
to the part where i should use the command "ftsetup.exe" i get a error in the
application log saying:

"Faulting application ftsetup.exe, version 2000.80.2039.0 faulting module
msvcr71.dll, version 7.10.3052.4, fault adress 0x00014d5c."
I also get a similar error concerning msvcrt.dll version 7.0.3790.1830.

We are using Windows 2003 SP1 and SQL 2000 Enterprise edition SP4

The strange about this is that right now there are 4 instances on the same
node where 2 of them has full text online and working but the 2 others has
the error mentioned above, so as i can understand there are no problem with
the nodes but instead i believe that the instances is not aware of Microsoft
Search. therefore as the KB article says i need to run the command
FTSETUP.EXE to configure the instances with Microsoft Search.

Right now i have no other ideas, fearing that the only thing to solve this
is to reinstall the whole SQL instance :o( wich is nothing i´m looking
forward to.

So please if you have any ideas, fill me in...