Email notification does not send

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Subject: Email notification does not send
Posted by:  tootsui…
Date: 6 Nov 2006


re: SQL Server 2005, SP1

I set up Database Mail on a clustered server using the db mail wizard
in Management Studio. I set up an operator using a mail group. The test
email worked fine. I also restarted the SQL Server Agent on node 1 of
the cluster (twice).

Next, I set up a notification on a simple backup job to send an email
to the operator when the job completes.

However, the email is never sent out when the job completes. I have
checked the operator history and there is no history of an email ever
being sent. I also checked the current log and there are no error
messages whatsover regarding the mail not being sent. I also checked
the application log on node 1, and there is no error there either.

I have run the backup job several times now, sent myself another test
email from the server (which works fine), but for some reason the email
just won't send on job completion.

Has anyone had this problem and how to resolve it? I though restarting
the Agent would solve the problem, but it has not.