SQL 2005 Cluster - Networking Question

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Subject: SQL 2005 Cluster - Networking Question
Posted by:  msadexchman (msadexchm…@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006


We have a two node active/passive SQL 2005 Cluster up and running fine and
dandy for the past 3 months.  We just received word that we need to change
our network from a 192.168.x.x to a 10.10.x.x based IP scheme.  My question
is, since we have IP addresses as SQL Cluster resources, do I have to
complete break the cluster and rebuild it once I change the IP address of
the both the NIC's on the server as well the SQL Cluster and Virtual Server

Or, is there any easier way to update the Cluster Resources with the new IP