RE: Clustering between different CPU Architectures

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Subject: RE: Clustering between different CPU Architectures
Posted by:  Bryan Aldrich (BryanAldri…
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007

Thanks for your reply.

We curently have two active/passive fail over clusters in our network and
they are between x86 and x64 cpu architectures, however, they are both
running 32-bit windows server 2003 and 32-bit sql server 2005.

A "Not Supported" configuration actually means a lot, so we will probably
not do it.

Thanks for your input.


"Linchi Shea" wrote:

> If by 'cluster it', you meant failover clustering, this is not supported, and
> I don't think you can do it (I have never tried). If you go through all the
> trouble to achieve HA with clustering, you really should do it properly.
> Linchi
> "Bryan Aldrich" wrote:
> > I have a Sql Server 2005 Instance that I would like to use in a cluster, but
> > I do not have another IA64 machine to cluster against. Can I cluster this
> > server against a x86 or a x64? I realize the performance will be different
> > between the two, but it is acceptible in this condition.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Bryan


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