SQL 2005 cluster need to rebuild each node - Evict node?

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Subject: SQL 2005 cluster need to rebuild each node - Evict node?
Posted by:  decipher (deciph…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007


I have started working for a new company and they have a SQl 2005 64 bit 2
node cluster running on server 2003 enterprise x64.  I was applying some disk
firmware and noticed that the server was not setup with a raid for the OS
partitian.  Upon further investigation I noticed that there wasnt even a
hardware raid card installed on the server.  I have since setup a software
raid and ordered the correct hardware raid card.  I would like to rebuilld
each node of the cluster with a hardware raid.  I am a little unsure of the
steps that I need to take and I would appreciate any advice.

1.  Can I use the evict node feature within cluster administrator to evict
the second node, rebuild that node and then join it back to the cluster?  Can
I use SQL server setup to join the node back to the cluster?

2.  Is there an easier way?  Rather than evict the node I was thinking that
I could ghost the OS, install the raid card and configure, apply ghost image,
then run a windows repair install.

Does anyone have some real world advice that they can add?

Thanks very much.