High availability, VMWare and remote sites.

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Subject: High availability, VMWare and remote sites.
Posted by:  Charles Deaton (sqld…@comcast.net)
Date: 11 Jan 2007

We are starting to look into a high availability solution to ensure
operation of our business in the event of a localized disaster
(i.e.. building fire). We are planning on a remote site, maybe
25 miles away, that will provide virtual servers and resources via
VMWare. We will need, among other things, to have a warm
stand by MSSQL 2000 server up and running. I'm aware of the
common solution such as log shipping, mirroring in 2005 and
replication. We do not want to upgrade to 2005 so mirroring is
not an option. We will need to be able to fail back to the primary
MSSQL server with little or no intervention when the disaster
has been resolved so replication is not an option. Our databases
are used for a hybrid OLTP system with several thousand
transactions per second. Data loss needs to be kept to a
minimum. Failover and fail back should be seamless
(No data loss except opened transactions?).

We are looking at DoubleTake, NeverFail, XOSoft and
Goldengate products. It seems like some play better with
VMWare than others. We have not looked closely at Symantec,
EMC or SteelEye but am aware of that they offer possible
solutions as well.

If anyone has any hands on experience with a solution similar
to what we are looking into we would appreciate your comments.

Charles Deaton