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Subject: Upgrade 2000 to 2005
Posted by:  Kevin3NF (kev…@SPAMTRAP.3nf-inc.com)
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007

Gentlemen, geniuses, either or both....

My client has a multi-instance SQL 2000 SP3 (.818) cluster on Win2K3.

He wants to upgrade both instances to 2005.  Cool.

No extra drives/luns/whatever the proper term is are available in the SAN.

Am I stuck with an in place upgrade?  I would have preferred to do a side by
side and move the databases but the hardware just aint there.

In this situation, what you do from a "rollback" perspective in case he
upgrade blows chunks and has to revert?  For a standalone, I assume imaging
software would work...would a cluster image work just as well?

2005 upgrades are something I just haven't touched yet...:(


Kevin Hill
3NF Consulting

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