SQL Cluster cleanup

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Subject: SQL Cluster cleanup
Posted by:  Alex (amaleksha…@rogers.com)
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007


I had the task of renaming virtual SQL name on an exiting 3 node Windows
2003 SP1/ SQL 2000 SP4 cluster from SRV1\INST1 to SRV1\INST2. The first
thing came up to my mind was to change SQL Cluster name resource to the new
one. After the change, SQL Service resource generated a lot of ODBC errors
and didn't come online.

I checked MS articles and found out that it is not possible to rename
virtual SQL name. To workaround the issue, I decided to uninstall SRV1\INST1
and install SRV1\INST2. This time everything worked and all 3 nodes look
good. SRV1\INST2 virtual SQL name was online could be moved to any node in
the cluster. After reviewing cluster resources, we moved the SQL Server into

Browsing in list of services yesterday, I found that SQLAgent$INST1 and
MSSQL$INST1 still exist on node 3 of the cluster only. Although their
startup type is manual and won't probably do any harm I still need to clean
them up.

How can I safely remove these 2 services without affecting existing SQL
services on this cluster (there is also a default SQL instance on this
cluster)? I know I can delete registry key
HKey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\... but is this really safe?