Multiple SQL Clusters on one EMC LUN?

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Subject: Multiple SQL Clusters on one EMC LUN?
Posted by:  Andrew Williams (andrew.willia…
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007


We have a Production SQL 2000 Cluster and are now developing on SQL 2K5 as
we plan to migrate shortly.  We'll be introducing new hardware into
production with 2K5 installed.  We would like to use a 'straddle migration'
method by utilizing both 2K and 2K5 in production at the same time and
moving services/websites/databases to 2K5 one at a time in case there are
any issues and we need to roll back over to 2K.

The question is how can we utilize the current LUNs/Cluster that's on the
EMC for the new 2K5 servers/cluster?  Can we have a 2K and 2K5 cluster using
the same LUN?  How would the Q: Quarum drive work?  What possible
complications do see in this scenario?

Thank you in advance for your time,