Network Load Balancing Question.

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Subject: Network Load Balancing Question.
Posted by:  Cipher (ciph…
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007

Hello to everyone,

I have a question relative with the Network Load Balancing mechanism in my
network with 2 windows 2003 streaming servers.

I have 2  windows 2003 servers and i want to enable Load balancing  between
2 servers but i am confused in a step of the whole proccess.

webstream1  -->
webstream2  -->

Through the Network Load Balancing Manager in Webstream1 server i made a new
cluster an i put as Virtual Cluster IP the
After i add the two nodes (priority 1) & (priority 2) in
multicast mode.
The point that i dont understand, is that the same configuration i must make
it and to the other streaming server ???? (webstream2-
Through the NLBMGR again to make the same steps i mean.
I was confused,i think that the right way is to make it as i descibed above
,to webstream2 too.

Plz,i will appreciate any help.

Thnx a lot,