Problems with mounted drives

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Subject: Problems with mounted drives
Posted by:  SP (spupil…
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007

I have a two nodes Windows Server 2003 Ent Edition Sp1\SQL Server 2005 Ent
Edition cluster.
I  use RAID5 drives for data and RAID10 drives for TLog.

I use:
- letter to access data drives (es. K:, M:, ecc...)
- mounted drive to access log drives
  (es. K:\SQL2005_LOG ---> first RAID10 drive;
          M:\SQL2005_LOG ---> second RAID10 drive; ecc...)

I have a lot of problems when we switch resource groups.
Sometimes mounted drive become unaccesible.

I know that SQL Server 2005 supports mounted drives for clustered
What's the problem?
I need help.

Thanks in advance.