Alternative to IPSec?

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Subject: Alternative to IPSec?
Posted by:  RL Coppedge (RLCopped…
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007

The client I'm working with has a 2-node Failover cluster.  Owing to their
environment, they have several machines accessing the many databases.  For
cost reasons, they went with SQL standard.

As to securing the traffic.  I understand that IPSec isn't supported for
failover cluster, owing to the recovery time (6 minutes, according to the

But the recovery for SQL standard doesn't allow external connections until
all databases are recovered.  If the server has a lot of databases (perhaps
50), there may already be a delay.

I guess the questions I'm asking are:

1>Outside of the time delay, is there any other reasons to avoid IPSec?

2>In an environment with a lot of potential clients, what are the
recommended alternatives?

Thanks for any insight!

Bob Coppedge
me (at) RLCoppedge (put a dot here) com