Re: SuperSocket info: LoadNetlibs(....) : Error 11

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Subject: Re: SuperSocket info: LoadNetlibs(....) : Error 11
Posted by:  Jason (SQL.SERVER.D…@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007

did you set up the namepipes alias on all the physical nodes of the server..

"John O." <Joh…> wrote in message
>I have three SQL2000 Instances running on a two node cluster. Instance A
> fine on Node 1 and Instances B and C run on Node2. All of these listen
> successfully on TCP, Shared Memory and Named Pipes.
> However, if Instances B or C are moved to Node 1 they fail to start and
> Event Log has SQLServer Events,  ID:19011 and errors:
> SuperSocket info: LoadNetlibs(Shared-Memory (LPC)) : Error 11.
> and
> SuperSocket info: LoadNetlibs(Named Pipes) : Error 11.
> What could cause this, seeing as these Instances work fine on Node 2 and
> the
> other Instance is able to use Shared Memory and Named Pipes on Node 1 ?
> --
> John O.



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SuperSocket info: LoadNetlibs(....) : Error 11 posted by John O. on Wed, 28 Mar 2007