Storage management question in a cluster...

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Subject: Storage management question in a cluster...
Posted by:  Camilo (Cami…
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007


I am also kind of new to clusteirng and there are some questons I have
regarding how to best setup storage in a clustered environment:

1. My client is planning to setup a 1+1 clustered environment attached to a
Hitachi AMS1000 SAN. We need to plan how to properly allocate around 4TB of
storage for several SharePoint databases that will grow progressively. In the
past, I have seen with other SAN vendors that you can simply assign more
space to existing volumes in the SAN. However, the installations I saw were
all stand-alone instances of SQL Server.

Is it possible to use the same approach of just expanding the existing
volumes in a clustered environment or should I use mount points?

2. If I need to use mount points, are there any best practices I can use?