Setting up SQL cluster-shared disk

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Subject: Setting up SQL cluster-shared disk
Posted by:  Ryan S (Rya…
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007

Here's my question.  I'm new to SQL and clustering but I'm on my way to
having my cluster set up on two W2K3 64 bit servers.  Everything is patched
up and ready for my installs.  One server will have SQL 2K and SQL 2K5 on the
other.  My question is this:  I have a HP storage array set as my shared
disks (?).  At what point is the array seen by the cluster?  Should the array
be seen by the servers now before the cluster is set up?  The management
software on the servers sees the connection to the array and says all is OK.
So at what point or how do I present the shared disk array?