Unable to Add 2nd Node to SQL2005 Cluster

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Subject: Unable to Add 2nd Node to SQL2005 Cluster
Posted by:  raymcn (raym…@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007

I'm unable to add a Second node (Win2k3 SP1) to a currently existing SQL2005
Cluster .I'm using the Add/Remove Programs and I'm trying to add it back in
as another possible SQL Server owner .
If I select "change" with Add/Remove (on good node)it only gives me options
to modify my existing individual SQL Instances - no "upgrade" or "add new
node" options available? What am I doing wrong ??
(Originally, I evicted the 2nd node from the Windows 2003 Cluster Membership
and rebuilt the node with a new build. Then added back in the node as a
cluster member server which worked fine. However, I did not remove the node
from the SQL Server 2005 definition first although I realise now this should
have been my first step....so I'm hoping I haven't corrupted anything.)  All
SQL Groups are running fine on the other node but I cannot failover the SQL
Groups as there are no SQL files yet on the new node.How can I fix this.