TCP connections suddenly failing.

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Subject: TCP connections suddenly failing.
Posted by:  ken.sumn…
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007

I am running a large mission critical application on a cluster.  This
is a 2003 server latest SP with SQL 2000  Enterprise  latest SP also.

This app has run for years with little change.  Today at around 3:00
all connections stopped coming in.

After some debugging, we found that we could connect with named
pipes., but not TCP.  TCP has been the default protocol for years.

We have the server monitored and no changes occurred recently. The
server has not been rebooted in months, and the last time the instance
was restarted was two months ago.

What can cause a server that has run reliably using TCP for years to
stop accepting TCP connectionsl suddenly?

The errors I am getting is a handshake error trying to connect locally
using TCP, and I get a connection failed error remotely.

Connections are instant and lovely using named pipes.

Thanks for any help.