drive not visible in the SQL server

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Subject: drive not visible in the SQL server
Posted by:  Julien (Juli…
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007

Hi all,

Here is my problem:
I've having trouble to make my second logical drive available for database
under SQL server 2005 (Other words: I cannot move database to my second
database drive because I cannot see it in SQL server 2005)

- Cluster Acitve/passive
- 2 nodes (Win 2003 server SE SP2)
- 4 drives configured:
    * drive 1 for quorum
    * drive 2 for fro tempdb
    * drive 3 for my database (old) and logs
    * drive 4 for my database (where I want to move to)
- SQL server 2005 SP1

This new drive is properly configured (or so I think) in the cluster admin,
as a physical drive part of my SQLserver Data group resource (as my old drive
is) and is showing up active in my resource list.
I can also browse it as normal from Windows

When trying to move the database in SQL server 2005, I can only browse my
current database drive and I cannot see the new one.

Any ideas what am I missing ?

Thanks a lot for your help.