SQL 2005 Cluster shutdown automation

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Subject: SQL 2005 Cluster shutdown automation
Posted by:  microslave (microsla…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007

Hello Everyone,

I read the useful tips about proper cluster shutdown orders. We just set up
a 2 node single instance (active/passive) Win2003 / SQL 2005 cluster.
Unfortunately our customer asks for a script or batch to shutdown the
cluster nodes in a clean way for maintenance purposes.
With regard to Geoff Hitens recommendations, is there any way to automate
the shutdown procedure, including steps like setting resource startup types
to DISABLED? Taking the SQL resource group offline itself or stopping the
cluster service is easily put in a batch, but that covers only a part of the
shutdown procedure.

Any input will be very welcome, maybe some has come across this issue already?

Thanks in advance,
Roland Kiesler