Default or named instances??

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Subject: Default or named instances??
Posted by:  Chris (chr…
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007

I am a little confused on the term "SQL instances" because I found
conflicting documentation on the subject.

The question is, can I install 4 "instances" of SQL 2005 as "default"
instances on a cluster in different resource groups each one having its own
unique IP, "virtual sql name" and physical disks?

Before you answer have in mind that:
By "instance" I mean sql installation. When you start the sql installer its
asking for the sql server name which its the "virtual SQL name", an IP
address and what kind of "instance" you want to install, default or named.

I know that on a single server installation you can only have 1 default and
like 50 named instances depending on what version you are installing. (the
number is not important)

I also know that the client site can access the default instance by using
just the server name and a named instance by using the format

If I cannot install 4 "default" instances on the cluster then what will the
servername be in the format servername\sqlinstancename?