SQL 2000 on Win2k3 Cluster

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Subject: SQL 2000 on Win2k3 Cluster
Posted by:  jkf1024 (jkf10…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007

I am trying to install a named instance of SQL Server 2000 on an
Active/Passive 2-node cluster on Windows 2003 Server. The installation
proceeds until near the end, then I get the message: "The cluster resource
failed to come online." When I click OK, a message appears saying I should
install SP3. The SQL setup then proceeds to clean up the installation,
leaving nothing in the installation directories.

I have followed the workaround instructions in KB 815431, using the Client
Network Utility to create a named pipes alias but the problem persists. Any
help here would be appreciated. Thanks.