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Subject: RE: Multiple instances of SQL
Posted by:  John Vandervliet (JohnVandervli…
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007

Hello I have a number of servers that have multiple instances on them. When
patching everything is quite straight forward and works as you expect namely
only the instance that is being upgraded is affected.  This includes the DLLs
and EXEs for each instance, master does count because its very obviously
different for each instance and as you run the patch one instance at a time
only one gets the update.
If this is prod server I would think about getting a box with enough CPU and
RAM to divvy up the resources to each instance. You’ll need to look into CPU
We run this configuration when wanting to separate 3rd party applications
that are mostly poorly designed and our in house applications. We also use
this for spinning up multiple dev and test environments.

Hope that helps
John Vandervliet

"DS" wrote:

> Hi
> I am considering consolidating our environment to a Single SQL enterprise
> server. I'm curious about how the instances are handled.. if one instance
> gets updated how does this impact the other instances that are running. What
> effect does this have as far as the master db goes. Is there a single point
> of failure in sql that may crash the whole environment? Any help would be
> greatly appreciated.
> thanks
> D



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