Problem Failing over After Adding New Node

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Subject: Problem Failing over After Adding New Node
Posted by:  Pat Hall (PatHa…
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007

I sStill having cluster problems.  Win2k3 SP1  SQL 2000 SP3a.  Neither node
has any hotfixes.  Have looked thru postings on various sites and KB
articles and not found anything that helps.

See this is the cluster.log.  So far nothing points to my problem.

00000f84.00000ef8::2007/05/30-01:22:40.723 INFO Network Name: Recomputed
remaining time before DNS reg = 75270
00000ad8.0000100c::2007/05/30-01:23:04.427 INFO [API] User denied access,
error 0x00000005.  Trying the default SD...
00000ad8.0000100c::2007/05/30-01:23:04.427 INFO [API] Dump the ClientToken
that failed...
00000ad8.0000100c::2007/05/30-01:23:04.427 INFO [API] ClientToken has user
SID S-1-5-21-439513427-2153123355-1854908619-

00000ad8.0000100c::2007/05/30-01:23:04.427 INFO [API]    ClientToken type is
00000ad8.0000100c::2007/05/30-01:23:04.427 INFO [API]    ClientToken
security impersonation level is Impersonation.
00000ad8.0000100c::2007/05/30-01:23:04.427 INFO [API] User denied access
using default cluster SD, error 0x00000005.
00000ad8.00000520::2007/05/30-01:23:37.897 INFO [CP] CppRegNotifyThread
checkpointing key

Software\Microsoft\MSSQLServer\MSSQLSERVER to id 4 due to timer

I have checked the rights for the cluster service ID against KB 269229 and
everything is correct on both nodes.  And the ID is a member of the
Administrators group on both nodes.

Need some help to find and then fix the problem.

All cluster resources are set the way they were before I started.  The DTC
resource on both nodes is set to manual and is using the same ID (NT
AUTHORITY\NetworkService).  "Startup Type" for DTC on the new node was
"automatic" until I changed it in hopes that was the problem.
When I do "Move Group" for the "Cluster Group (Cluster IP Address, Quorum
disk, MSDTC, cluster name)" It tries to move the MSDTC 1st (takes about 20
seconds from "Move Group" to "online on starting node".
There were no problems with failover before I evicted one of the original
nodes and added the new node.  I've tried to find where I can set which
resource in this group should move 1st.  Should I do that?  Seems like the
cluster IP address and the quorum disk should move 1st, then the cluster name
and then MSDTC.