Truly High Available?

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Subject: Truly High Available?
Posted by:  acmcdba68 (acmcdba…
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007

I have a scenerio where I must implement a Highly Available environment
between two locations seperated by 25 miles.

The premise is to create a solution that will keep our application up and
running if our main location were hit by a tornado, an auto failover would
take place to the remote location.

If using a Microsoft Clustered solution, how is it truly 'HA' if there is a
shared disk sub-system? If there is a tornado in Loc 'A' and the shared disk
resides there, what have I accomplished? The same goes for Loc 'B'?

Maybe I'm reading more into it but would like someone to shed some light on

Anthony E. Castro