Using sql server clustering

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Subject: Using sql server clustering
Posted by:  Roy Goldhammer (r…
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007

Hello there

I have huge sql server databese that works on single server right now.

To the database there are at least 6 applications that update the data and
use it.

as a result of that there are problems on performance.

I've heard that by using sql server clustering i can do 3 things that will
improve my performance:
1. setting 6 diffrent servers for each application and due to sql server
clustering(as i've been heard) the data is immidietly being update on each
other server
2. the clustering can assist the performance by getting to one application
data from more then one server
3. Recovery: this way if one server is down the other server fills its
action until the server is online again.

my question:
1. is all true that it can be achived on sql server clustering?
2. how can i start learing and using it?
3. what hardware i need to test it and to place at the client?