Cluster Installation Failure

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Subject: Cluster Installation Failure
Posted by:  MichaelA CCGA (MichaelACC…
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007

Thanks in advance for any help.

A SQL 2005 Failover Clustering installation (from the RTM disks) failed on
Database Services.  Please see messages below.  Windows cluster server name
is COMDEVDB01 (Windows 2003), primary node = COMDEVCLU01, secondary node =
COMDEVCLU02.  SQL cluster virtual name = COMDEVSQLCLU, named instance =
COMDEVPROD.  I installed from COMDEVCLU01.  Should I install from COMDEVDB01
while COMDEVCLU01 is the active node (i.e., I will be on COMDEVCLU01)?

Earlier install failed on SQLBrowser errors and rolled back.  Before the
cluster install two non-clustered SQL 2005 named instances had been installed
on COMDEVCLU01 and SP2 had been applied (both current versions = 3152).
After the SQLBrowser failure I installed a non-clustered SQL 2005 named
instance on COMDEVCLU02 with Database Services and Integration Services (also
version 3152).  After that, the cluster install on COMDEVCLU01 failed with
these errors but did not rollback.

Should I try to install SP2 for the SQL cluster from COMDEVCLU01?
Can I "complete" this installation (save it) or will I have to uninstall and
Should I uninstall all SQL Server instances on COMDEVCLU01 and install the
clustered instance first?

summary.txt message:
Machine        : COMDEVCLU01
Product        : Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Product Version : 9.00.1399.06
Install        : Failed
Log File        : C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup
Last Action    : ComponentUpgrade
Error String    : The setup has encountered an error while Upgrading
Components. The error: -2147019873
Error message: The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform
the requested operation.
Error Number    : 29550

SQLSetup0006_COMDEVCLU01_SQL.log message:
MSI (s) (AC:14) [15:52:23:016]: Product: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - Update
'Hotfix 3024 for SQL Server Database Services 2005 ENU (KB000000)' could not
be installed. Error code 1603.