Failed SQL Cluster Install Advice

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Subject: Failed SQL Cluster Install Advice
Posted by:  EMagidson (EMagids…
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007

A quick rant - After days of study, hours of install, and some killer
directions for Brad M McGehee I began to install a SQL Cluster on a Windows
2003 enterprise server cluster.  If only i had found that one little article
that said that the install fails if you use two Cds.

So here I am for advice.  My SQL 2005 cluster install failed when I
installed the second "tools" CD.  Now I wonder what is the best resolution
for recovery.  What I have read says that installing over a failed install is
not a good idea but in this case do i really have a failed install.  The
installtion log shows no failures and everything that had installed up to
that point on both nodes had green "good" checks.

It states to install the installation files from both disks to a folder on
C: I assume that means the C: drive on the active node I used for the
installation would work right?

How should I proceed?

1.  Try a standard unistall from control panel of all components on both
2.  Try to reinstall over the failed nut perhaps not failed install?
3.  Complete the manual unistall as many artilces direct?
4.  Any other proven ideas?
5.  Send it to Bill and have him fix it. ha ha

Thanks for the advice ahead of time.

Regards, emagidson