Basic SQL Cluster Questions

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Subject: Basic SQL Cluster Questions
Posted by:  EMagidson (EMagids…
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007

Ok my job is done. I have built a fully tested Windows and SQL active/passive
cluster.  Not the software guys take over but as an inquiring IT guy I can't
call it done withoout some more education.

Please feel free to answer these questions or send me to more information

1.  I understand that the virtual clusters "CompanyCluster IP address
x.x.x.x and SqlCluster IP Address x.x.x.x" are used to map databases and
point to as the reference for websites, databases and apps. Do you perform
any tasks on these virtual machines llike servicee packs or database installs
and maintenance?
1a.  If you do not use the Virtual machines then I assume you use the active
node.  Would that install the database to the other node automatically?
2. Where are the Virtual machines stored and should you back them up or are
they just basically cached on the active node?
3. How about backup software any recomendations.  We currently use Acronis
and is seems to work on all of our non-clustered servers.

I have not built a cluster since Server 2000 and I can tell you that this
time out with Server 2003 R2 and Sql 2005 it was much better.

Regards, emagidson