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Subject: SQL Cluster Question
Posted by:  Scott Cummins (scummi…@equitymethods.com)
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007

Good day to all of you SQL/Cluster GURU's

I recently asked a question reagrding a Windows 2003 Enterprise/SQL 2005
Standard 2 node cluster I have, I want to replace the nodes one at a time
without destroying the cluster. My initial question was could I add a third
node and then when it seems to be performing evict a node and rebuild it, Add
it back then evict the second node and do the same, My main question was "is
this as easy as it sounds?" and will I need to do anything special with the
SQL portion of the third node I try to add.

I have decided to actually evict the secondary node first, then add a new
node with a new name. Is this as easy as it sounds and will SQL need any
special considerations or is it  the same as if initally building a "Cluster"
I have configured several SQL Clusters, But I have never evicted a node and
replaced it with another.

Any advice, criticism or whimsical remarks are appreciated

Scott A Cummins
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Equity Analytics
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