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Subject: Single User Mode
Posted by:  A. Robinson (ARobins…
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007

I have been trying with no success to start my SQL Server in single user mode
and login.

Here's the scenario:

I've got a one node cluster with SQL Server 2000 installed. I changed the
startup parameters of SQL Server to reflect the following:


I have disabled SQL Server Agent so it doesn't start when I bring SQL Server
online. But when I do bring SQL Server online, I'm not able to connect at
all. I keep getting the "only one administrator can log on at one time".

There is no one else trying to log on and SQL Agent is disabled.

What is the scoop? Has anyone seen this? And if so, how did you address it?
I'm trying to restore master and need to get this donesooner rather than