Failover Cluster Consumed - Now what?

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Subject: Failover Cluster Consumed - Now what?
Posted by:  David Morgan (microsoft_newsgrou…
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007


OK, so we have had our SQL 2K5 Active/Passive cluster in place for a while
now and things are gradually slowing down.  I need to start thinking about
what to do next to maintain a satisfactory level of performance.  (In terms
of upsizing versus archiving, further optimisation, tuning etc.)

I have heard about replication, log shipping and a few others, and have some
exposure to each, but I would be interested in the views of the experts out
there.  What is the best way to grow my database environment to support the
ever increasing demands of my user base?

Although we're still paying off the mortgage on our original outlay for SQL
Server, I would again prefer to go for the best solution versus any cheap,
less effective, alternative.

Many thanks in advance.