SQL Server I/O performance issue

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Subject: SQL Server I/O performance issue
Posted by:  YaHozna (YaHoz…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007

Hi. Wonder if anyone can offer me some advice?

I'm currently involved in setting up some new kit prior to an upgrade of SQL
Server 2000 Standard on a single Win 2000 server to SQL Server 2005 Standard
x64 on a single node Failover Cluster. Additionally databases are to be held
on FAS storage.

Setting up has gone reasonably smoothly - SQL Server installed OK and
failover is working fine. The only issue I've got is I/O performance between
server and FAS which seems very poor compared to I/O on local machine. To
stress test the setup I'm running SQLIOSim with the recommended config file
for our setup and running Performance Monitor with the recommended
Performance Audit counters. All results are fine except those for Physical
Disk. Both % Disk Time and Avg Disk Queue Length are showing very poor
performance compared to results shown when running the same test against the
local disks. Average values are 10227 and 102 respectively. I'm not quite
sure how to calculate the % Disk percentage however I think Avg Disk Queue
Length is measured by dividing the value by the number of disks in the array
- i.e. 20 in this case. This gives an average of approx 5 which, given that
this is pretty much constant, would seem to suggest poor performance.

So, finally, the question is, is there something fundamentally amiss with
the setup or do the figures look OK? Any suggestions as to improving things
or other stress tools/approaches to investigate?  The hardware spec is as

Each server has 1 NIC connected to a 1Gb Switch on a private LAN which is in
turn connected to a NetApp file server.  Other NICs are for heartbeat and
public LAN connection. All are using 1Gb Ethernet. iSCSI Initiator installed,

LUN created to the Netapp box of 100Gb - partitioned into 99Gb and 1Gb
drives - Shows up as E: for data and Q: for quorum in Windows Explorer.

N.B. Above info supplied by network guys and is stuff I'm not overly
familiar with so be gentle with me :)