Evicting a node

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Subject: Evicting a node
Posted by:  danieldong (danieldo…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007

I am testing an active/passive cluster running W2003 and SQL 2005 SP2. What I
try to test is: Power down one node and then on the active node using
Add/Remove program to attempt to take that node out. According to what I read
from the Web and a book, this is a required step regardless the accessibility
of the node. When I am doing that, the System Configuration Check reports 9
errors and 7 warnings. That is what I expected since the node is not
available. When I select "Maintain the Virtual Server", the node is shown in
the Unavailable nodes list. However, on the Ready to Update page, the
"install" button is dimmed out. It seems to be no way to take the node out of
the cluster. Is there another way? What is the right way? I think what I am
testing should be a realistic scenario. Thanks a lot for your help. Daniel