RE: How to remove (uninstall ) cluster sql server manually

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Subject: RE: How to remove (uninstall ) cluster sql server manually
Posted by:  Suchi (Suc…
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007

To be clear enough, In below Kb article it is mentioned as

If the instance of SQL Server you are removing was clustered, remove any
cluster resources for the instance that may remain in the Cluster

I am new to Clusters, what are all the resourcs do i need to delete?

  How to manually remove SQL Server 2000 default, named, or virtual instance

"Suchi" wrote:

> HI All,
> As HIten said,(in my previous post) I am able to remove all the registry
> entries except hklm\software\microsoft\mssqlserver after couple of reboots of
> the both the nodes.
> I am still  getting Getting "Cannot delet MSsqlserver: Error while deleting
> key"  error.
> I did not delete any resources in cluadmin. Do i need to delete
> sqlserver,agent, search resources only or disk resources also need to get
> deleted?
> Thanks in advance
> Suchi


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