Single node cluster with multiple instances but all as default ins

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Subject: Single node cluster with multiple instances but all as default ins
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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008


I am trying to install multiple SQL 2005 instances onto one machine, which
has been configured as a single node cluster.  Multiple virtual servers have
been created, and I am trying to install one instance onto each virtual
server set up for SQL installation, and the instance should all be default so
that when referencing the sql instance only the virtual server's name is
needed.  Is this possible at all?

The scenario:

Server box name: ServerA
Virtual server names:
  1. SQL1
  2. SQL2
  3. SQL3

I logged into virtual server SQL1, installed a default sql instance (during
the intallation the Virtual SQL Server Name page never appeared, an
indication that the MSCS was not set up properly?).  Then I (successfully,
indicating that the cluster/virtual machine set up is done (probably)
correctly?) logged in to SQL2, but when trying to install a default sql
instance on this virtual server, the intallation recognizes an existing
default intance and would not do the next default installation.

There are a few reasons that I am not successful so far:
1. Single node cluster would not support this at all
2. The cluster service was not set up right
3. I am doing something wrong

I just can not see what I am doing is wrong.  Anyone can help pointing out
what I should look at?  Much thanks.