SQL 2k to SQL 2K5 in Active Passive Cluster

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Subject: SQL 2k to SQL 2K5 in Active Passive Cluster
Posted by:  sacgar (sacg…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008

We are going for SQL 2K Upgrade to SQL 2k5 Upgrade  for Active-Passive
Clusters (windows 2K3)and thinking for below plan , can anybody confirm if we
are ignoring or missing big issues with below plan or it sounds good?

o    Put SQL 2005 on one server
o    Leave SQL 2000 on the other
o    Virtual name of the cluster will remain pointed at the SQL 2000 server
o    New Build will be tested on the SQL 2005 server
o    If the new software fails, we still have everything working on the SQL
2000 server
o    When the SQL 2005 server is ready with Build and tested , the SQL 2000
server is turned off and virtual name of the cluster is pointed at the SQL
2005 server.
•    Also if there is no issue you see , what is the process to point to point
the virtual name from SQL 2K to SQL 2K5