Cluster setup question

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Subject: Cluster setup question
Posted by:  davisutt (davisu…
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008

I'm getting ready to set up my first SQL Server 2005 Cluster so if I
sound like I don't really know what I'm's because I don't.
I'm reading white papers and doing research.

My plan is to have a cluster containing 2 nodes that are connected to
a shared disk array (DAS) with Raid 10 and a Raid 1 set for Logs and a
Raid 1 set for tempdb.  The servers will have identical specs.  My
plan was to create 3 instances (Production, TEST and DEV) and have the
server failover from the primary node to the secondary node in the
event of a hardware failure.  This scenario would have the secondary
node basically doing nothing but waiting for its "moment in the sun"
should the primary node fail.

A question was raised about the posibility of having Production run on
the cluster and then having TEST and DEV run on a non-clustered
instance on Server B.  This way Server B would be utilitized and
Server A would be spared the TEST and DEV workload at the processor
and ram level.  There would be no failover for TEST and DEV in the
event Server B went down but they're not really mission critical. Is
this a terrible idea?  Is such a setup even possible or should the
cluster be viewed exclusively as a single virtual server?  It's not
clear to me if non-clustered instances can exist on a server that is a
node in a cluster.

Thanks in advance.