sql server cluster resource failed to come online

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Subject: sql server cluster resource failed to come online
Posted by:  mj (…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008

OS: Windows Server 2003
SQL Server: SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition
Environment: Development

2 node Windows cluster has been (verified and active)
Successfully installed slq server 2005 - on node 1 and node 2
Uninstalled sql server 2005
Uninstall cluster
Successfully Install 2 node Windows cluster (verified)

Install sql server 2000 client utility
create pipe connection

Install sql server 2000 on node 1

Install does not complete.... error message: cluster resource fails
Note: DO NOT AKnowlage error message!!!!!!!! Aknowledging error message
rolls back the installation and removes sql error logs.

open cluster administrator
bring sql server on line - fails

Open sql server Error logs
SQL Server successfully installed on node 1
open MyComputer
mssqlserver start - login cluster account
mssqlagent - will not start

cluster logs
odbc error

Open administrative tools | odbc
create odbc connection (pipes) connection successful
create odbc connection (TCP) connection Failed