New to clustering and need some clarification on disk resources

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Subject: New to clustering and need some clarification on disk resources
Posted by:  mjerikboo777 (mjerikboo7…
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008


I have been working on a 2 node cluster W2k3 EE R2 x64 2 indentical servers
on a brand new SAN.  In my reading I have found that I need two separate Disk
bus on each server.  So I have my local SCSI Raid controller hosting a RAID 1
configuration and I made it drive Q and installed the 2k3 quorum on that.
When I went to create a new group for the SQL 2005 Failover install,  I
couldn't add another disk instance to my new group,  when I got to the part
of adding the physical disk it was just blank.

My OS is running on the SAN for shadow copy and imaging capabilities and
because I didn't realize I couldn't just present different disks to the
server and use them as the quorum resource, it had to be from a separate bus.

So my question is, can I rebuild my server from image and then install my
scsi disks and partition them out so I  can have separate disk resources for
both W2K cluster group and a separate cluster group in the SQL install?  Or
do I need yet another buse like a 2nd HBA to make that happen.

Also, in my Windows clustering instance, I used a local disk for Drive Q on
node 1 and Node 2 said it couldn't see it but the install was successful and
the cluster runs fine.  Do I need to share and map that drive to the second
node or am I missing something there too.  You can't present the same disk to
2 machines at the same time right?