Problem: Changing the SQL Server services password

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Subject: Problem: Changing the SQL Server services password
Posted by:  frankm (frankm@nospam.postalias)
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009

I have a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition sp2 -  2 node cluster.
Installed is SQL Server 2005 sp2 across both nodes.

I am logged into the node (node 1) that owns the resources.
I am using the command line [C:\WINDOWS\system32\mmc.exe /32
"C:\WINDOWS\system32\SQLServerManager.msc" /computer:SQL2005] [SQL2005 is
the virtual server]  to change the passwords.

When I try to change the SQL Server service account password through SQL
Server configuration manager, it looks like only one nodes 1's services are
When I move the group to the second node (node 2), both FullText and
SQLServer fail (Agent doesn't have a chance to start because of the

I thought that the above for SSCM would change all the services across all
cluster nodes.
To actually change the password I have had to go to the plain old
services.msc, change the passwords there,
then move the sql group to that node (this allows the services to start on
that node) then using the SSCM on node 2 with the same command line start as
above, I change the passwords there. This seems to right the wrong I did
when I had to use services.msc.

Any ideas of what is wrong or what I may be doing wrong?
Thnaks in advance.