Cluster physical disk resource cannot failover....

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Subject: Cluster physical disk resource cannot failover....
Posted by:  JayInNC (JayIn…
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009

I have a 2 node sql 2005 cluster (64 bit ent edition) running on Windows
Server 2003 (64 bit ent edition) utilizing an HP iscsi storage array. I
recently became aware of the disk alignment issues with sans and wanted to
test reconfiguring one of the shared drives.

I picked a drive owned by node 1 and did the following:
1 - Deleted the physical drive resource from the cluster
2 - Ran diskpart on node 1, deleting the existing partition, created a new
partition using align=64
3 - Using Disk Management I formatted the partition using 64k and assigned
it the same drive letter it had formerly
4 - Added it back to the cluster as a disk resource

All good up to this point. Problem is, I cannot fail over this drive to the
other node (and this used to work). Running disk management on the other
node, I can see the drive but it has no drive letter and I cannot assign it

I've obviously missed a step but not sure which one, any help is