MSDTC on Windows 2008 active/active - How?

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Subject: MSDTC on Windows 2008 active/active - How?
Posted by:  JJP (anonymo…
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2009

We have an active/active SQL 2005/Windows 2008 2 node cluster that has 1
instance running on node 1 and 1 instance running on node 2.

Our DBA wants me to add a clustered DTC resource for each instance.

2 ways I am trying to do this and each presents a problem.
First way:
Right click Services and Applications
Configure service or application
Distributed Transaction Coordinator
Give it a network name and an IP
No storage is available
Why?  I want to assign this to the same disk that the SQL logs are on.

Second way:
Right click one of the instances
Add a resource
Distributed Transaction Coordinator
It creates an offline resource for it but I dont see anyway to set the
network name, IP, or configure for high availability like the wizard above.

Of course finding a guide on how to do this has been fruitless as usual.

Anyone have any ideas?
Only thing I can think of is creating another group, presenting a new
drive to the cluster, adding it to that group and then running the
Wizard.  Once added, then moving it to one of the instances and changing
the drive it depends on.  Which all seems like a huge, unnecessary hassle.

Thanks in advance.