LUN configuration

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Subject: LUN configuration
Posted by:  Igor Marchenko
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009


  We will be installing SQL Server 2008 Active/Active Cluster on Windows
2008. SAN engineer told us that all space will be allocated accross the same
set of drives. I know this is not recommended because of potential IO issues,
but I guess this is something we would have to live with. The question we
would have to answer right now is whether we should create one LUN per Node
(my understanding is that the same LUN can not be shared by two nodes) and
then create logical drives from single LUN or one LUN per logical drive. I
suppose there will be no difference performance wise since LUNs will be
connected to the same set of drives, correct?
Also, SAN engineer told us that RAID level is irrelevant which I have hard
time believing to.

Thank you in advance,